Lasercut & Foiled Dusty Pink Invitation

I love it when we get to design something to combine all the things our brides like to make up a wedding invitation that’s 100% custom.  Tanya had sent me images of foiled invitations, laser cut pocket invitations and printed vellum invitations.  She also had a photo from their engagement shoot which she wanted to incorporate.  We managed to design for her a laser cut pocket wedding invitation in Dusty pink with Burgundy floral accents.  A pocket contains any guest information, while the central content areas is printed and foiled on to vellum and added as a flap over the engagement shoot picture.

Gate Folded Ornate Lasercut Gold Invitation

Champagne & Gold Lasercut Invitation

I always say to my brides if laser cutting is something you have always wanted then go for it.  If not, don’t.  The reason being the added cost to having a custom laser cut invitation like this intricately crafted gate folded wedding invitation in gold.  The design is very elegant and romantic and is finished with a champagne coloured satin ribbon in a bow tie.  Remember that we can custom make this invitation to suit your colour scheme.

Wedding Invitation in Lasercut Pocket

Metallic Invitation with Lasercut Pocket

At Fuchsia we will custom design to suit your requirement, whether it’s a flat invitation placed in a laser cut folder, or a laser cut pocket as in this example.  This invitation can be developed further to include a monogram and satin ribbon bellyband.  Likewise if you prefer to have the laser cutting flip up to reveal the content, we can also work to achieve that for you.  This metallic invitation in a pocket format is laser cut from a soft pearl, with the main invitation printed on a natural white.  Any guest information is applied to the back of the insert, or the back of the invitation.

Perspex Gold Wedding Invitation

Handmade Flowers & Acrylic Invitation

If you are looking for the Crème de la crème of wedding invitations then this is the invitation for you.  The invitation features an etched acrylic invitation placed in a personalised lasercut box.  Around the box we not only incorporate gold vinyl, but a belly band on to which we have affixed satin ribbon, gold dipped perspex leaves, lasercut fronds and handmade roses in your accent colours.  We even add acrylic twirls!  We can custom make this invitation to suit your theme, you are welcome to order more or less detail.  Please guide us as to your requirements noting that this is a fully bespoke wedding invitation that requires time and finesse to complete.

Lasercut White Gold Invitation

White Gold & Ivory Invitation

We love looking at new ways to redesign using sourced outers.  Here we have a lasercut metallic white outer which has a gold sheen to is, used together with ivory, a bright white, and blush pink ribbon.  The invitation finishes to approximately an A5 size and is very sophisticated.  We have also added navy and florals to this format.

Lasercut Cherry Blossom Invitation

Pink & Ivory Cherry Blossom Invitation

My heart skips a beat when I look at cherry blossoms!  They are just so beautiful and their colour – too romantic for words!  To be asked to create a laser cut cherry blossom invitation made little hearts dart out of my eyes and I just loved every minute creating a wedding invitation with a cherry blossom theme.  In this example we have gone with a pale ivory outer out of which we laser cut cherry blossoms.  The invitation folds out to reveal the main invitation and guest information cards which is placed in a separate laser cut pocket.  Thoughout the invitation we have added sprays of handprinted cherry blossoms.  So much love for this invitation!

Gold Mirror Perspex Wedding Invitation

Trifold lasercut gold wedding invitation with custom designed monogram which has been cut from gold mirror perspex and affixed to a bellyband which incorporates your accent colour.  The invitation accommodates the central content area and has a second panel for guest information.  Neatly wrapped means you needn’t have an envelope, particularly if you plan to hand deliver.

Lasercut Floral Hindu Wedding Invitation

Floral and metallic elements combine in this bespoke wedding invitation in antique gold, ivory and blush.  At Fuchsia we only use high quality boards and never compromise on quality.  This invitation can be adjusted to suit any colour scheme.  Likewise the floral accents can be reworked to the flowers of your day.  The lasercut invitation outer opens up to reveal the central content area and a pocket to contain insert cards for all your Hurdee, Nelengu or Mendhi functions.  We will quote according to your requirements.


Antique Gold Leaf Invitation

Metallic antique gold is a very unusual colour which lends itself to a variety of colour combinations. If you are incorporating rose gold or aqua into your theme, it is good to add a third colour to soften the contrast. In this example we have created a gate-folded lasercut outer with leaf detail. The invitation finishes to a square and closes with a lasercut monogram bellyband, although mirror perspex is also popular.

Forest Themed Wedding Invitation

We had great fun creating a forest themed wedding invitation like no other.  This is a custom designed couture wedding invitation in a greeting card format, lasercut in a crisp metallic white with subtle pink accents.  The simplicity of this design adds to the romance and mysticism of a forest themed wedding.  Why not contact us to discuss your unique requirements as the forest wedding invitation can be recreated in any colour scheme.

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Petal Fold Dusty Pink Invitation

Limited stock available for these lasercut blush pink wedding invitations in a petal fold.  There are many ways to finish them, either with a ribbon, or a bellyband.  We can also accent other colours, and apply the central content area as an insert, or affixed inside the outer.  View the complete wedding invitation on our instagram page

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Pearl Pocket Wedding Invitation

This bespoke wedding invitation in metallic pearl is a fixed lasercut gate folded pocket, with cream and champagne accents.  The wedding invitation and any guest information sits inside the pocket as an insert, with a ribbon & pearl embellishment to close.

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Blush Pink Lasercut Invitation

A beautiful blush pink lasercut pocket invitation with invitation and guest information cards.  The format finishes to 13×18.5cm and is embellished with diamante.  The printed areas of this lasercut invitation feature a custom monogram which can then be translated across your day stationery, from vinyl for the dance floor to water bottle labels.  Although this particular wedding invitation is in a metallic blush pink, we can make them to suit any colour scheme for your day.

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Navy Wedding Invitation

Navy is one of my favourite colours.  The most versatile of any colour it looks beautiful when lasercut as it’s incredibly bold and striking as a wedding invitation.  I like to soften it with a harmonious colour like blush pink and incorporate elements like handpainted flowers or diamante.  This is a gate folded navy wedding invitation on to which we wrapped a card, ribbon & monogram belly band.  Any additional content is affixed to the back of the wedding invitation.  Should another colour variation be required we can certainly assist.

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Wood and Perspex Invitation

Etched wood & perspex combination wedding invitation on to which we affixed a vinyl monogram.  The pairing perfectly represents a modern industrial setting, though it can be reworked to suit a vintage or rustic wedding. Perspex wedding invitations are trending this year.  Though more costly than traditional forms of wedding invitations, should you have the budget they will WOW your guests, guaranteed! Talk to us about your unique requirements.

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Lasercut Protea Wedding Invitation

Nude, navy and blush pink are some of the colour anthems for wedding stationery in 2016.  Here we have a pocket invitation featuring a protea lasercut from metallic nude / blush pink.  The wedding invitation has a pocket on the back to contain any additional information, and can include a navy ribbon bellyband.  We can also alter the format to a pocket fold should this be preferable. Our wedding invitations are available in many colours, contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

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Gold Lasercut Pocket Invitation

gold_lasercut_pocketFuchsia Designs have taken the pocket invitation further by incorporating laser cut detail with a scalloped edge.  This metallic gold lasercut pocket invitation in a Royal vintage theme brings in the elements of lace and purple which combine well with the gold lasercut pocket.  The wedding invitation can be made to suit all colour schemes, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Lasercut Tree Lovebird Invitation

Navy has been incredibly popular this year, and long may it continue.  Navy goes with everything and looks as beautiful on paper as it does in decor or as bridesmaids dresses.  This wedding invitation is greeting card style with a lasercut tree & lovebird.  The invitation opens to reveal the main content area, with additional information affixed to the back.  On occasion we have also wrapped a personalised name tag to a tie on the outside.  The lasercut lovebird tree invitation has custom made envelopes to suit.

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Navy & Gold Wedding Invitation

I absolutely love the richness in the colour navy and how it compliments any other colour whether gold, yellow, lime, pink or silver.  In this example a navy wedding invitation is accented with a bright yellow gold and nude board.  The invitation is set in an A5 format, with a laser cut gold monogram as a badge.  Envelopes were also custom made and lined with gold.  It’s definitely one of our favourite invitations.

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