Green & Gold Acrylic Invitation

The semi-transparent acrylic offers a completely different result when printed. This perspex wedding invitation is a full colour print on semi-transparent or frosted acrylic, and has a gold vinyl overlay. It’s a beautiful result, simple, modern and striking in it’s hunter green envelope.


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Pampas Grass Wedding Invitation

Pampas Grass Invitation

Another wedding theme trend we are seeing for 2020 and 2021 is the based around the Pampas Grass theme. The natural tones of Pampas Grass are wonderfully romantic, which when combined look effortless. The tufts of pampas grass mimic soft brushstrokes and gently blow in the wind, making for a spectacular wedding ceremony backdrop, floral installations (or Pampas clouds as they are known) or as part of your wedding bouquet.

Our invitation is presented in a neutral palette with striking modern elements of gold foil and a custom lasercut vellum overlay.

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Hunter Green and Gold Invitation

The greenery trend continues to be a popular choice for weddings, with some choosing to include a stunning forest green.  Gold does compliment the invitation beautifully though we can work to any colour choice.  In this particular wedding invitation we have custom laser cut eucalyptus leaves into a vertical tri-fold.  The invitation is foiled, and is accompanied by a rich linen envelope in hunter green.  A gold monogram brings the bling on the outside, and you have the option to include a mirror perspex acrylic save the date magnet.

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Foiled Pink and White Invitation

Something about this wedding invitation makes me think of happy pink and white marshmallows!  It’s a stunning, sophisticated invitation for the modern bride featuring foiling throughout, layered together with a personalised vellum bellyband, and placed together in a metallic white envelope.  While foiling does cost more than using printed ink colours, the results cannot be overstated.  Even when used as a highlight.  I love my clients vision for this invitation.


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Black & Gold Acrylic Invitation

I’ve been enjoying working with acrylic this year – the versatility of this material, and the impression if gives cannot be overstated.  It’s a beautiful product, whether we are working with white ink, full coloured florals, or in this case, a very modern gold foiled acrylic sheet placed in a custom made foiled black outer.  The acrylic can be etched, Lasercut into shapes, overlaid and underlaid.  It can be softened with vellum and florals, or sleek and refined.

It’s wonderful to be able to custom design invitations according to your desires.  Please contact us to discuss the best way to achieve your dream acrylic wedding invitation.

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Vibrant Red & Gold Invitation

Using colour and texture to layer an invitation set is one of the most exciting phases of creating an invitation as the effect is often surprising, especially when the colour palette and floral choices are unconventional.  This particular wedding invitation with gold foiling needed to incorporate sunflowers and proteas, both flowers of which would be featured in the floral decor on the wedding day.  We created a vibrant red and gold foiled wedding invitation with accompanying guest information card, which was packaged in a red linen envelope with a gold foiled liner.  An unconventional invitation for an unconventional couple and I’m really happy with the result!


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Blue, Gold and Coral Mediterranean Invitation

Mediterranean Wedding Invitation

Oh the fun that was had creating this Mediterranean themed wedding invitation in classic blue tones, gold and white.  Sometimes we have sleepless nights when an idea comes to mind!  I’d wanted to do something three dimensional which I relate back to the tiles, and knew I wanted to bring in some Bougainvillea.  Here lies the result – a Mediterranean themed wedding invitation that, once opened, reveals a vibrant coral inner with popup bougainvillia flowers lining the outside and inside. The invitation itself is a loose insert on the bottom of the inside of the wedding invitation, and can accommodate further inserts for guest information and night before celebrations.

Now to create one in rich reds and golds along the Moroccan theme.  I love the inclusion of metallic gold that works so well with the blue mediterranean tones.

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Lasercut & Foiled Dusty Pink Invitation

I love it when we get to design something to combine all the things our brides like to make up a wedding invitation that’s 100% custom.  Tanya had sent me images of foiled invitations, laser cut pocket invitations and printed vellum invitations.  She also had a photo from their engagement shoot which she wanted to incorporate.  We managed to design for her a laser cut pocket wedding invitation in Dusty pink with Burgundy floral accents.  A pocket contains any guest information, while the central content areas is printed and foiled on to vellum and added as a flap over the engagement shoot picture.


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Etched Acrylic Wedding Invitation

We’ve been working with acrylic (also known as perspex) since 2015 and it has been wonderful experimenting with it and discovering new ways to finish or package it.  It’s important to note that acrylic should not be confused with glass.  Perspex gives the see-through impression of glass, but it is in face a heavy duty clear plastic.  In this particular example of a acrylic wedding invitation, we have etched the perspex with content and floral detail.  We placed the invitation together with guest information insert into a personalised pocket.  The colour trends in 2019 were burgundy, blush, gold and sometimes black though we can make up any invitation to suit your colour scheme. We used gold mirror vinyl for this particular perspex wedding invitation, and we can either etch or print the content on to the acrylic.


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Gold Foil & Floral Geometric Invitation

It is wonderful working with trends, especially many of them.  This blush pink & fold foil floral invitation combines six important trends – Foiling, florals, geometrics, a wax seal and a custom envelope dressed with a personalised monogram. It’s such a pleasing sight when all these things come together.

If you have a specific floral scheme or theme in mind, please brief is on it, as we will create a unique design according to your vision, with day stationery to match.


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Gate Folded Ornate Lasercut Gold Invitation

Champagne & Gold Lasercut Invitation

I always say to my brides if laser cutting is something you have always wanted then go for it.  If not, don’t.  The reason being the added cost to having a custom laser cut invitation like this intricately crafted gate folded wedding invitation in gold.  The design is very elegant and romantic and is finished with a champagne coloured satin ribbon in a bow tie.  Remember that we can custom make this invitation to suit your colour scheme.


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Gold Mirror Perspex Wedding Invitation

Trifold lasercut gold wedding invitation with custom designed monogram which has been cut from gold mirror perspex and affixed to a bellyband which incorporates your accent colour.  The invitation accommodates the central content area and has a second panel for guest information.  Neatly wrapped means you needn’t have an envelope, particularly if you plan to hand deliver.


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Berry-utiful Wedding Invitation

The floral trend continues to develop from softer palettes to dark, rich tones combining wine red, raspberry, apple and grape.  A royal buffet awaits at harvest tables spread with rich foods and fresh fruit.  In this example the floral elements are carried across to the envelope and day stationery.


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Lasercut Floral Hindu Wedding Invitation

Floral and metallic elements combine in this bespoke wedding invitation in antique gold, ivory and blush.  At Fuchsia we only use high quality boards and never compromise on quality.  This invitation can be adjusted to suit any colour scheme.  Likewise the floral accents can be reworked to the flowers of your day.  The lasercut invitation outer opens up to reveal the central content area and a pocket to contain insert cards for all your Hurdee, Nelengu or Mendhi functions.  We will quote according to your requirements.


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Gold Foiled Wedding Invitation

The traditional method of gold foiling is still the most elegant way to foil.  While it does cost a bit more than other methods, the effect is an obvious distinction and class, the effect of which is timeless, ceremonial and elegant.  In this example a gold foil has been applied to a metallic silver board.  The wedding invitation is finished with a bellyband of satin ribbon and custom designed monogram.


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Navy & Gold Hindu Wedding Invitation

We are happy to create custom wedding invitations to your specifications.  We offer a bespoke design service which caters to your individual requirements, creating unique, memorable invitations.  This is a navy and metallic gold Hindu themed wedding invitation in a greeting card format, with embossed cover and lasercut Ganesha.  We can of course make this invitation to suit your colour scheme.


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Antique Gold Leaf Invitation

Metallic antique gold is a very unusual colour which lends itself to a variety of colour combinations. If you are incorporating rose gold or aqua into your theme, it is good to add a third colour to soften the contrast. In this example we have created a gate-folded lasercut outer with leaf detail. The invitation finishes to a square and closes with a lasercut monogram bellyband, although mirror perspex is also popular.


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Gold Lasercut Pocket Invitation

gold_lasercut_pocketFuchsia Designs have taken the pocket invitation further by incorporating laser cut detail with a scalloped edge.  This metallic gold lasercut pocket invitation in a Royal vintage theme brings in the elements of lace and purple which combine well with the gold lasercut pocket.  The wedding invitation can be made to suit all colour schemes, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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