Perspex Gold Wedding Invitation

Handmade Flowers & Acrylic Invitation

If you are looking for the Crème de la crème of wedding invitations then this is the invitation for you.  The invitation features an etched acrylic invitation placed in a personalised lasercut box.  Around the box we not only incorporate gold vinyl, but a belly band on to which we have affixed satin ribbon, gold dipped perspex leaves, lasercut fronds and handmade roses in your accent colours.  We even add acrylic twirls!  We can custom make this invitation to suit your theme, you are welcome to order more or less detail.  Please guide us as to your requirements noting that this is a fully bespoke wedding invitation that requires time and finesse to complete.

Berry-utiful Wedding Invitation

The floral trend continues to develop from softer palettes to dark, rich tones combining wine red, raspberry, apple and grape.  A royal buffet awaits at harvest tables spread with rich foods and fresh fruit.  In this example the floral elements are carried across to the envelope and day stationery.

Red Rose Invitation

Laser Cut Red Rose Invitation

Red Rose Invitation
Whether you prefer your red rose theme to be traditional with floral photography, or like Stuart and Claire you opt for a simplistic yet modern approach to this classic theme, there is always more than one way to translate your ideas. The result is a lasercut rose overlaid with bold colours, in this case red and burgundy. The invitation is square formatted and is embellished with ribbon and diamante accents.

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