wedding stationery examples

Here are just a few samples of the personalised wedding stationery we create. Our uniquely designed wedding invitations are sophisticated, timeless, and meticulously crafted with the greatest of care.  Whether you are looking a simple elegant wedding card or have a requirement for couture wedding invitation design, remember that just about anything and everything is possible so please feel free to contact us.

We also provide: Menu cards; Table number cards; Place cards; Seating plans; Thank you cards; Order of service sheets; Reception programmes; Handmade guestbooks; Specialised vinyl lettering & Signage

Should it be of use, you can download the attached Briefing Sheet, complete with your invitation card requirement and email back to us.



Gold Foil & Floral Geometric Invitation

It is wonderful working with trends, especially many of them.  This blush pink & fold foil floral invitation combines six important trends – Foiling, florals, geometrics, a wax seal and a custom envelope dressed with a personalised monogram. It’s such a pleasing sight when all these things come together.

If you have a specific floral scheme or theme in mind, please brief is on it, as we will create a unique design according to your vision, with day stationery to match.


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Navy & Floral Wedding Invitation

Navy is the most versatile colour – pair it with any colour and medium and you have a beautiful invitation.  In this example we combined florals of blush pink and sage greenery set against a bold navy background with rose gold elements.  A personalised monogram in foil and metallic dusty pink bellyband finish off the design.


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Gate Folded Ornate Lasercut Gold Invitation

Champagne & Gold Lasercut Invitation

I always say to my brides if laser cutting is something you have always wanted then go for it.  If not, don’t.  The reason being the added cost to having a custom laser cut invitation like this intricately crafted gate folded wedding invitation in gold.  The design is very elegant and romantic and is finished with a champagne coloured satin ribbon in a bow tie.  Remember that we can custom make this invitation to suit your colour scheme.


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Wedding Invitation in Lasercut Pocket

Metallic Invitation with Lasercut Pocket

At Fuchsia we will custom design to suit your requirement, whether it’s a flat invitation placed in a laser cut folder, or a laser cut pocket as in this example.  This invitation can be developed further to include a monogram and satin ribbon bellyband.  Likewise if you prefer to have the laser cutting flip up to reveal the content, we can also work to achieve that for you.  This metallic invitation in a pocket format is laser cut from a soft pearl, with the main invitation printed on a natural white.  Any guest information is applied to the back of the insert, or the back of the invitation.


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Printed Vellum Wedding Invitation

Printed vellum is a lovely way to incorporate floral elements of your wedding invitation.  In this example we have printed and cutout a printed floral vellum outer, in to which the invitation and inserts sits.  The invitation is finished with a bellyband of satin ribbon with options of including a wax seal.


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Acrylic Wedding Invitation in Coral and Navy

Coral & Navy Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Acrylic wedding invitations have been growing in popularity over the past year, and it’s versatility is never ending!  If budget will allow for it as they do cost more than paper invitations, ask your stationer what options are available to you as there is much to consider namely finish and presentation, all of which can greatly impact on the cost. By working together we can find a solution that works for you. Boxes, envelopes, sleeves, etching, printing or foiling.  For this acrylic wedding invitation we have combined etched perspex with gold vinyl, and handpainted brush strokes in teal and coral.  The invitation is finished with a navy and gold vinyl bellyband, and placed in a navy and gold envelope.


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Wedding Invitation in Vellum

The versatility of vellum is undeniable as it compliments any colour scheme or theme.  We can expect to see plenty of vellum and wax seals this year, this invitation being no exception.  The invitation is printed on a shimmer cream, flat mounted to navy and placed, together with guest information cards in a vellum wrap.  The invitation is finished with a navy ribbon and gold wax seal bearing the bride and groom’s initials.


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Black Tie Wedding Invitation

Black Tie Invitation with Wax Seal

In contrast to all the floral and pink and rose gold and metallic finishes, another popular style is a sophisticated, modern invitation in black and white.  This particular invitation folds out to display the central content area and a pocket for any guest information.  A personalised wax seal has been incorporated into the design of this black tie wedding invitation, with a satin ribbon to close.


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Rose Gold & Silk Invitation

We used a beautiful soft cream linen stock to foil this wedding invitation in rose gold.  The invitation comes with with an Armani silk wrap.  You also have the option to include lined envelopes with a wax seal to close.  The envelopes are personalised for each guest which makes them feel honoured to be invited to this celebratory event.


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Greenery and White Linen Invitation

White Linen & Greenery Invitation

LOVING this classic bright white linen stock used for this greenery inspired wedding invitation.  The invitation is flat mounted to a soft grey and is completed with a printed trans bellyband to hold the wedding invitation and the guest information card together.  Printed white florals and greenery set the tone for this classic linen wedding invitation.


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Perspex Gold Wedding Invitation

Handmade Flowers & Acrylic Invitation

If you are looking for the Crème de la crème of wedding invitations then this is the invitation for you.  The invitation features an etched acrylic invitation placed in a personalised lasercut box.  Around the box we not only incorporate gold vinyl, but a belly band on to which we have affixed satin ribbon, gold dipped perspex leaves, lasercut fronds and handmade roses in your accent colours.  We even add acrylic twirls!  We can custom make this invitation to suit your theme, you are welcome to order more or less detail.  Please guide us as to your requirements noting that this is a fully bespoke wedding invitation that requires time and finesse to complete.


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Lasercut White Gold Invitation

White Gold & Ivory Invitation

We love looking at new ways to redesign using sourced outers.  Here we have a lasercut metallic white outer which has a gold sheen to is, used together with ivory, a bright white, and blush pink ribbon.  The invitation finishes to approximately an A5 size and is very sophisticated.  We have also added navy and florals to this format.


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Burgundy and Pink Floral Invitation

Burgundy & Pink Floral Invitation

Since creating this design, we have recreated it with a cream, a pale pink and a soft blue background, either with silver or gold foiling.  The invitation incorporates a floral spray in rich burgundy, blush and pale blue.  If you are having penny gum on your wedding day, then this is a nice option for you.  The wedding invitation is flat mounted to an accent colour and, together with a guest information card, is placed in a floral lined envelope.


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Lasercut Cherry Blossom Invitation

Pink & Ivory Cherry Blossom Invitation

My heart skips a beat when I look at cherry blossoms!  They are just so beautiful and their colour – too romantic for words!  To be asked to create a laser cut cherry blossom invitation made little hearts dart out of my eyes and I just loved every minute creating a wedding invitation with a cherry blossom theme.  In this example we have gone with a pale ivory outer out of which we laser cut cherry blossoms.  The invitation folds out to reveal the main invitation and guest information cards which is placed in a separate laser cut pocket.  Thoughout the invitation we have added sprays of handprinted cherry blossoms.  So much love for this invitation!


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